GSM Mobile Phone Watches Are Now Affordable Gadgets Mobile Phone watches have been hot gadgets since years. They have been very expensive in the beginning. With the uprising of Asian electronics companies (China) that expand beyond OEM and actually sell their products direct via eBay and other channels new GSM watches can be had for around $150. Let’s take for instance the Q8 GMS Quad band mobile watch phone that even features dual SIM card support.
Other features of the Q8 watch phone include FM tuner, Bluetooth, color display, camera, time display and contact manager.
This unlocked wristphone can be found for about $150 on eBay from various sellers.

Of course the LG GD910 offers a touchscreen and looks a bit cooler, but the price is around $1,000. The $150 price-point of phone watches from Asia make it a great gift for kids or adults that like to be cool like Dick Tracy. Find affordable GSM watches on eBay.

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