Jules Jurgensen Uncrushable 3,000-Foot Depth Watch Jules Jurgensen made an extreme diving watch that is affordable too. This watch can withstand water pressure exerted on its frame when submerged down to a depth of 3,000 feet.

This diving watch from Jules Jurgensen uses washers and O-ring gaskets between the case and back to provide the tightest seal available.
The 4 mm faceplate is made of the hardest mineral crystal available, 570 on the Vickers scale, and it is twice as thick as the 2 mm faceplates used in other watches; it is sealed and bonded to the case, eliminating any gaps between components. The case back is twice as thick as cases found in lesser watches. Its pushers are made of heavy-gauge steel and are soldered to the case to provide a tight seal when in locked-down mode, yet are res ponsive to the lightest touch in operation mode. A ratcheting carbon fiber outer bezel also has a built-in tracer for easy timing calculations.
The Jules Jurgensen Uncrushable 3,000-Foot Depth Watch is available at the famous gadget shop Hammacher Schlemmer for $299.95.

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