Hyundai W-100 Wrist Phone with 1.3MP Camera Maybe some of you remember the Casio Camera Watches (WQV series). A new GSM Wrist phone brings back the camera function with a 1.3MP from Hyundai. The Hyundai W-100 branded wrist phone that we already reported about under the name CECT Wristphone.
Back then we did not have any specification and did not see that this Wrist Phone also has a camera integrated. Hyundai is obviously OEMing the Wrist phone from Chinese manufacturer CECT. Besides the camera the wrist phone has a touch screen and integrated MP3 player and video player. The watch has Bluetooth so you can use a wireless headset.
This is the most feature rich wrist phone I have seen so far. More photos on Phone Daily (Chinese). Via AkihabaraNews.

I hope Hyundai is going to market the W-100 wrist phone globally. This is the most advanced technology wrist watch to date, just a TV-tuner is missing.

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