The Big BaselWorld 2007 Booth Tour photo gallery As announced I have been at the BaselWorld 2007 yesterday. The weather was extremely beautiful and there where lots of inviting cafés outside the halls, but the temptation of the newest timepieces has prevailed and I roamed the halls at the world's largest watch show all day.

I brought back tons of interesting news, photos and bags full of marketing material. BaselWorld is impressive and when i closed my eyes in the evening I just saw watches.
To give you a sense of the show we created a large photo gallery (50 photos) with impressions from the BaselWorld 2007 halls, showing you the most impressive booths and the wealth of brands present at the show. It is amazing how many brands that you know from fashion or other fields also do watches.

Looking back at this day at the show, it is clear that watches are a very personal product. The huge number of watchmakers offering an endless variety of timepieces can only mean that the taste and preference of the individual consumers are extremely diverse.
We are working overtime to process our photos of the exhibited watches at the BaselWorld. Check back tomorrow to see the first exciting time pieces we encountered at the the show.

Some of the highlights in the BaselWorld booth gallery are the futuristic Tag Heuer booth, Mark Ecko Poker-room and the Dolce & Gabbana Disco Booth.
See the photos of the BaselWorld show floors now.

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