Seiko Electronic Ink Watch at BaselWorld 2007 In December 2005 Seiko showed the Spectrum e-ink watch concept the first time. Today at the BaselWorld 2007 they introduce a new electronic ink display watch. This time the design is for women.

Seiko designed a bracelet style watch using the high contrast e-ink technology. If the futuristic watch is set to its 'efficiency' mode, the display is informative and easy to read. If, however, the watch is set to its 'mystery' mode, the panel expresses the time in a more imaginative, evocative style.

The ink display is encased under a 360-degree continuous sapphire crystal. Measurements of the new ink watch are Diameter: outside 75.3mm, Inside 61.5mm, Width 22.0mm, Thickness: 6.9mm and the weight is 80g.

Seiko use the electronic ink technology from E Ink Corporation. The new E-ink watch sells later this year for about $2,000.

Real World Photos of the new Seiko Electronic Ink Watch from BaselWord

More details in this Seiko press-release.

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