Photos of new Seiko Electronic Ink Watch from BaselWorld We reported about the new Seiko Spectrum electronic ink watch for women when the company announced it last week.

At the Seiko booth I briefly talked to a Seiko representative about the bracelet style watch and took some real world photos the exhibited high tech watch. See the photos on this gallery.

I am not a big fan of the bracelet form-factor. But then, I am not a woman. This new Seiko Spectrum looks more like high-tech jewelry than a watch. The original Spectrum is more edgy I think as it looks thinner. I asked Seiko if they are going to actually sell the new E-Ink watch. They plan to ship it later this year for about $2,000. The original Seiko Spectrum has the same price.

The ink display is encased under a 360-degree continuous sapphire crystal. Measurements of the new ink watch are Diameter: outside 75.3mm, Inside 61.5mm, Width 22.0mm, Thickness: 6.9mm and the weight is 80g. Seiko use the electronic ink technology from E Ink Corporation.

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