The Top Selling Fossil Watches for Men and Women If you ever wondered which watches are the top sellers from Fossil, here are the most sold watches for men and women from this company.

Funny enough the new Bluetooth Watch is not yet under the top ten watches. The top selling wristwatch for men from Fossil is the Fossil Snap (see photo). It sells for $65. The top selling woman's watch is the elegant Black Textured Dial with a $55 price-tag.

Men's Top Selling Watches:

1. Fossil - Snap Watch JR9272 $65

2. Fossil - Men's Rocky Watch JR9125 $65

3. Fossil - Red Dial Watch BQ9289 $85

4. Fossil - Square Inlay Wood Watch JR9287 $75

5. Fossil - Men's Mechanical Twist Watch ME1000 $95

6. Fossil - Black Ion Plated Watch FS4221 $125

Women's Top Sellers:

1. Fossil - Black Textured Dial Watch ES1643 $55

2. Fossil - Square Cut Gold Watch ES1706 $65

3. Fossil - Red Retro Rectangle Watch ES1618 $75

4. Fossil - Glossy Black Dial IP Watch ES1635 $85

5. Fossil - Croco Printed Glitz Chronograph Watch ES1648 $95

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