Throw your watch, MP3 player and voice recorder in the trash and wrap the FMP3 Watch around your wrist.  At first glance this device seems to be a handsome wrist watch.   But get close up and personal and you'll soon find that it's not only a watch but a MP3 player with many other features. An FM transmitter capable of transmitting your MP3 to an FM radio, such as the one in your car, on radio frequencies between 88.1MHz, 88.5MHz, and 88.9MHz with an approximate range of 6m-10m; a voice recorder with a cleverly hidden microphone so you can ambiguously record voice or sound;  and it comes with Line-in recording capabilities; a comfortable 9 hours of incessant playback (3 hours with transmitter); and 512MB and 1GB memory waiting to hold and play your USB-transported MP3's.  

Are you still reading this?? What are you waiting for?  Go get it!

Via Slippery Brick

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