Fossil Stopped Selling Technology Wristwatches pda palm msn Watch Display Wristwatches timepiece watch clock wrist Future Tech wrist watch geek wrist watch Fossil removed all MSN smartwatches and Palm OS PDA watches from their site. A couple weeks ago was dumping the Fossil Palm OS Wrist PDA for $79 until it was sold out. Now together with the MSN smart watches they are gone from their site - Another dead end for computer wristwatches?

Not all is lost yet. TigerDirect still sells the Abacus branded Wrist PDA for an ultra-low $49.99. Tiger Direct also still sell Abacus MSN Smartwatches, if really need to have one.
Even if Tiger Direct is still selling the Fossil Technology watches, it is clear that they just try to get rid of their inventory. Is the reason why those high-tech watches fail just plain and simple the mobile phone? I have to confess, that I seldom wear a wristwatch these days, because my mobile tells the time.

Check it out: The first Wrist Computer PCOnHand is also still around.

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