Seiko Spectrum is World's First e-Ink Wristwatch Wristwatch watch Wristwatches watch watch Wristwatches wrist Future Tech wrist watch geek wrist watch Seiko shows the world's first electronic ink (e-ink) wristwatch dubbed Spectrum.

The Seiko Spectrum (SVRD001) coolness is mostly coming from the bent shape of the display. A curved display like that cannot be done with a LCD display, only e-paper can provide this. The bracelet is made from stainless steal. The Seiko Spectrum SVRD001 uses technology from E-Ink corporation, the leaders in electronic ink technology.

The price for the limited edition Seiko Spectrum (500 pieces) is about $2,180USD and is supposed to go on sale in January 2006.
More details in this Seiko press-release (Japanese). Via Engadget.

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