Midas Remote Control Wrist Watch tv remote watch Wristwatch Watch must have cool watch futuristic Wristwatches watch watch Wristwatches wrist Future Tech wrist watch geek wrist watch The Midas Remote Control Watch does not look like it can control any TV out there, but it does.

The Midas watch is powered by the Universal Electronics universal remote control technology and database. The remote can be programmed, using a 4 or 5 digits code, in approximately 30 seconds. The pre-programmed database of codes covers every make/model of TV and cable receiver imaginable.
The featured controls are for Volume (+/-), Channel (+/-), Mute, and Power. The range is 15ft and 20 degree angle. The watch movement is from Seiko.

This gadget wrist watch is of course sold by the prime store for anything gadget: ThinkGeek. You can buy the Midas Remote Control Wrist Watch for $29.99.

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