Tesla Model 3 Delayed in Europe to 2019

Tesla just informed that the Tesla Model 3 I pre-ordered on launch day is not coming in 2018. I made the reservation of the Model 3 in Munich Germany on March 31st, 2016. The delivery estimate the Model 3 is now beginning of 2019.

Elon Musk has no problem delivering a Telsa to Marvin Martian, but on earth, he and his Tesla team has a hard time to ramp up the Model 3 production. Delivery of the Model 3 has started end of 2017 in the US.

If you have a Model 3 reservation, you can log in at the Tesla site and click here to see the estimate for your Model 3. Tesla announced this week a loss of for the last quarter.

The company has reiterated to reach a production of 5,000 Model per week by the end of the 2nd quarter and wants to make 2,500 Model 3 by the end of the first quarter. In the last quarter, Tesla shipped only 1,500 Model 3 cars to customers.

One problem that is holding back the Model 3 production is the Gigafactory. Telsa still needs to automate the battery production. A new assembly line is ready, but it’s in Germany.

As the competition is still nowhere near to selling a Model 3 alternative, Tesla still has time. The company is in a unique position to own the electric car segment if they can deliver soon.

Toy Fair 2018 Highlights: Here are the Hottest Toys of 2018

The Toy Fair 2018 New York kicks off on Feb. 17. The announcements of new toys for 2018 are already rolling in ahead of the show. The Toy Fair in New York is the last of the three big toy trade shows. Find out the 2018 toy highlights that have been unveiled at shows Spielwarenmesse 2018 in Nuremberg and Toy Fair 2018 in London.

The Toy Fair 2018 is focused of course on the US market. Toy makers are presenting their new toys that will latest go on sale in time for the Holiday shopping season 2018. Which of the toys will become the hottest toys of 2018 lies initially in the hands of toy retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon, but ultimately kids decide. To get children hooked on new toys the industry relies on influencers on Youtube and on TV shows.

I have seen new toy advertisements in trade publications that feature a new toy complete with an animated TV show and influencer outreach. The big toy trends of 2018 are augmented reality, robots, STEM kits, slime, collectible toys, unboxing toys, electronic pets and board games. Find the hottest toys of 2018 announced at the Toy Fair 2018 below.

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Hot Toys at the Toy Fair 2018 NYC

5 Surprise Ball

Tube Superstar Youtube Video Maker

Zuru Smashers

Sky Viper v2470 HD Streaming Video Drone

Snap Circuits: Bric Structures

Klutz Maker Lab STEM Toys

50 New Squishmallows for 2018

Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus Blaster

WowWee Fingerlings Hugs

Many more 2018 toy reveals are to come at Toy Fair 2018 in New York. We will update this report with new announcements as they become available.