NES Classic Cyber Monday: Everything You need to Know

Cyber Monday 2016 is the next big sales event coming up. Cyber deals are already on offer in Cyber Week sales event launched by Walmart, Amazon and others. Black Friday did not have the NES Classic on sale.

We had heard from an employee at a Best Buy in Pennsylvania that the stores would get NES inventory for the Black Friday event. As far as we know this did not happen. What did happen is that Best Buy sold the NES Classic  in their Black Friday sale in Canada on November 23.

The $59.99 Nintendo NES Classic Edition console launched on November 11 in stores and online. The supply was extremely constraint in stores and especially online. Right now all stores are sold out of the retro 80s TV gaming console.

Even NES accessories are hard to come by. Resellers offer the NES on the Amazon marketplace are $230 and up. 

Nintendo had now two weeks time to replenish retailers with NES Classic Edition consoles. There is no update from Nintendo on the status of NES supply.

On launch day Nintendo said: “The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system is a hot item, and we are working hard to keep up with consumer demand. There will be a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year. Please contact your local retailers to check availability.”

There has not been a steady flow of additional NES consoles as Nintendo said so far. Walmart had its last NES Classic sale on Tuesday Nov. 22. These flash sales can’t be it. NES Classic is officially sold by Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart.

Only Walmart had more NES available after the launch day. GameStop sold on Nov. 15 a couple of NES in a bundle with a book. Walmart and GameStop have likely used consoles for these sales from the original shipment.

So what does this mean for the NES Classic availability on Cyber Monday? Retailers would do anything to offer the NES Classic. It is the best Cyber Monday ad imaginable. It all depends on Nintendo. It is not clear what the hold up is. The NES is basic electronics. Any gadget factory in China can make them. It’s not an iPhone by any means. Chinese factories are already ahead of the game actually, offering all kinds of retro game consoles in bulk on Alibaba

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The palm-sized NES console, retailing for $59.99 list price, features the classic Nintendo NES controller many geeks have grown up with. The retro console comes pre-installed with 30 classic NES games including Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Metroid, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Kirby’s Adventures. The NES Classic Edition system is a miniaturized version of the groundbreaking NES, originally released in 1985.

The NES Classic Edition comes only with a single wired controller. There are 3rd party controllers and accessories that make the NES more fun to use. Gamers can get additional controllers and even wireless controllers.

Cyber Monday is the encore shopping event to Black Friday. The deals on sale on Cyber Monday are not different anymore from Black Friday. The difference are retailer specific. While Amazon (Amazon Cyber Monday Deals) and Walmart (Walmart Cyber Monday deals) are continue to offer individual deals, like on Black Friday, Target is offering a 15% sitewide discount. This deal broke Target’s online store last year. The retailer said that they made a lot of changes and will not fail on Cyber Monday.

Target will also offer the 15% sitewide discount in stores, negating the meaning of Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday, a term coined by in 2005, got established when retailers saw a trend of consumers shopping online on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Today, Cyber Monday is viewed as the online equivalent to Black Friday.

Cyber Monday 2016 is expected to set a new record for online spending. 2016 Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day already set a new records in online spending with $3 billion and $1.93 billion respectively. Cyber Monday 2015 set a new record with $3 billion. This year Cyber Monday sales need to exceed $3 billion to beat Black Friday.

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Cyber Monday 2016 is on November 28. Many retailers kicked off Cyber Monday sales events right after Black Friday ends. You can find more Cyber Monday 2016 deals and news in our Cyber Monday 2016 hub.