Hatchimals: New Higher Retail Prices and new Stores

Hatchimals are the hardest to find Holiday toys of 2016 by far. Walmart sold Hatchimals on Thanksgiving in their Black Friday event. Not all Walmart locations had Hatchimals in  stock. One of our readers was at a Walmart store with 20 Hatchimals in stock. Another Black Friday shopper was not so lucky. The Walmart store he was at had no Hatchimals.

With Black Friday in the back mirror it is back to try to find Hatchimals in stock online. We have spotted Jet.com and ToysRus.com selling Hatchimals online today at 7am and 5am respectively, according to inventory tracker zoolert. It is possible that Walmart will offer $48.88 Hatchimals today again at walmart.com. The page with the $48.88 Hatchimals is still available.

ToysRUs is not discounting the Hatchimals price anymore. The toy retailer has actually increased the price to above the list price. Hatchimals sell for $69.99 at ToysRUs instead of $59.99. Jet.com is selling Hatchimals at an even higher price. The Jet.com’s price is $89.99. Compared with reseller market prices, the $89.99 is still a bargain. Marketplace offers for Hatchimals are over $200.

Two new stores are selling Hatchimals for $89.99. Diapers.com and its sister store yoyo.com have started to list Hatchimals. There are possibly more stores offering Hatchimals at $90 soon.

See the new stores and all other stores carrying Hatchimals at the end of this report.

To find Hatchimals inventory online automatically, use the Zoolert or NowInStock trackers. The mobile and email notifications are too slow. Use the webpage audio alerts. We have used that in the past and successfully spotted Hatchimals in stock many times.

About Hatchimals

Spin Master basically took a Furby (for those who can remember what that is) and stuck it inside an egg. Hatchimals are “magical creatures” that already interact with your kids inside the egg. Each egg contains one of two interactive Hatchimals. Kids need to take care of the Hatchimal while its still inside until the rainbow eyes appear. That means its time to hatch. Hatchimals can’t hatch on their own.

Touch is guiding them to peck their way out of the egg. Once outside the egg owners raise the furry Hatchimal through 3 stages, from baby to toddler, to kid. The Hatchimal sings “Hatchy Birthday” each time it enters a new stage. Hatchimals can learn to walk, dance, play games and more. Hatchimals also repeat what you say in its own voice.

There several different kinds of Hatchimals that differ in color and kind of the creatures inside. There are also exclusive editions for stores like Walmart. Available Hatchimals include Hatchimals Draggles Blue/Purple Egg, Hatchimals Draggles Blue/Green Egg, Hatchimals Pengualas Pink Egg, Hatchimals Pengualas Pink/Teal Egg, and Hatchimals Burtle Purple/Teal Egg. More details about Hatchimals.

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