Pokemon Go Not Fun Anymore: Speed Limit, No Tracker, No New Features

Nick from the popular Pokemon tutorial channel Trainer Tips has been a very positive voice for Pokemon Go and its developer Niantic. He has been defending Niantic in the past for changes and is against the use of 3rd party tools what so ever. Niantic’s most recent change of preventing trainers catch Pokemon in cars and public transport earns criticism from Nick.

Pokemon no longer spawn if you’re traveling above 30 mph. This means that you cannot play the game as a passenger in a car, on a bus, or on a train. “This is a huge blow to public transit riders and rural players who don’t have many spawn points or Pokestops nearby,” says Nick.

Niantic has put a little bit too much emphasis on interesting and not enough on fun in Pokemon Go. You can make your game as interesting as you want, but if it’s not fun people aren’t going to play,” he explains his view on the state of Pokemon Go as it is today.

Besides preventing players from playing the game in cars and public transport, Niantic recently also shut down Pokemon Go trackers. FastPokeMap is trying to break the encryption and to go online again, but has failed to do so since the release of the new security on October 7. Millions of trainers used real-time trackers to find Pokemon nearby. Niantic has still not given players this feature. Basically only players who love grinding, live in an urban area and have a lot of time at their hand are still playing Pokemon Go.

The way Niantic handled the introduction of the speed limit is bothering many players. Niantic has not announced anything in regards to this new limitation.

Niantic needs to make Pokemon Go fun again before the winter strikes. “Niantic has a very specific idea of how they want the game to be played,” said Nick in the video here. This idea apparently does not involve fun, unless Niantic is finally opening up to its community of players and starts listening.

Pokemon Go launched July 6 amidst unprecedented hype. Pokemon Go has dropped dramatically in the number of players, but the games was so popular that the remaining user base is still huge and bigger than other popular mobile games. Pokemon Go had 15.4 million weekly active users according to a report early October. This is 4 times as many as Clash of Clans. More Pokemon News.