Black Moon Meaning and Everything You Need to Know

For centuries, the astronomical bodies and events have been a cause of speculation and fascination to man. Even when we know so much about the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and the cosmos and when there is still so much to be known, we are reminded of how foreign nature sometimes is.

The astrological events are a reminder that there are bigger forces at work, forces beyond our control, the signs that man has been seeing in the stars since the beginning are not unfounded.

They are there for us to witness, to remember, to wonder while science explains the phenomenon to the human race. Such an astrological event is upon us indeed, something we have come to know as Black Moon.

Black Moon: What is it?

You’re wondering what a Black Moon is? Is it a fake name? Will some alloy on the moon will cause it to change it’s color?

We have heard of so many other colors that have been referred to describe different lunar events. Red Moon is when there is a lunar eclipse and the Earth’s shadow causes the sun rays to fall in a limited ration on the moon, casting a shadowed color.

We also know the term Blue Moon. This astrological event is referred to by the astrologists and astronomical experts when there are two dull moons in the same calendar month. A black moon, the concept of it, could be understood with the help of the example of blue moon.

The Time for a Black Moon

Our annual calendar, coincides almost exactly with the lunar cycle. Every month, a moon completes one complete lunar cycle almost. That means that every month there is one new moon and one full moon. Once so rarely, there is a time that there might occur two full moons in the same month.

We call the second full moon a blue moon. Similar to that, on the same chance, there can be two new moons in the same calendar month. In that case, the second new moon has been termed as the black moon. Experts have estimated that this kind of event occurs every 32 months. It occurred back in 2014 and it will happen again in 2019, according to Telegraph.

The Science of the Black Moon

While it may sound cryptic in a way, the scientists have a perfectly sound explanation for the phenomenon. A new moon is typically the moon which has its illuminated side facing towards the sun and the shadowed side is facing the Earth.

No one can typically see a new moon as it is completely shadowed and dark hence the term black moon. A typical new moon occurs every 29.5 days in a lunar cycle.

However, sometimes, with different time zones in the Eastern and Western Hemisphere, the lunar cycle does not typically follow the calendar and the new moon comes twice in the same month. Scientists say that it is a probable phenomenon and had no extraordinary repercussions.

Eastern and Western Hemisphere

Contrary to popular beliefs, the lunar cycle in the Eastern and Western hemispheres are not the same. The different time zones can help explain the phenomenon of the time difference ranging across days across the world. In the far eastern hemisphere, the world climate is even different from that of the western hemisphere.

So it is not surprising that while black moon is a very probable phenomenon due to occur in the western hemisphere of the world, the eastern hemisphere, most of it, will not be experiencing the same phenomenon, according to The Sun.

For countries in the Western hemisphere like the U.S., the new moon occurring on Friday, Sept. 30, is a Black Moon. Officially, it occurs at 8:11 p.m. Eastern Time (5:11 p.m. Pacific Time).

For the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia), this new moon occurs after midnight on the calendar date of Oct. 1. So the new moon they will see on Oct. 1 will not be the black moon in the Eastern hemisphere because it will be the first new moon of the month.

These countries will have to wait till Oct. 30th for the black moon. For countries in the far eastern hemisphere like Australia and New Zealand, the black moon will occur on Oct. 31 which is Halloween night.

Seeing the Black Moon

If you think that you can go out and feast your eyes on the black moon, think again. Unlike the super moon or blue moon, the black moon is a new moon and completely shadowed and dark. It will be nearly impossible to see the new moon.

Many people think that the iconic crescent moon is actually a new moon. It is not. A new moon is completely dark to the naked eye and there is typically nothing to see, according to That means that the sky will be completely dark and you can’t take a moonlit stroll if you were planning one.

Religious Myths Surrounding Black Moon

This lunar event that occurs after every 32 months is being hailed as one of the signs of the nearing apocalypse. While scientists are reminding people that this phenomenon did occur in 2014 and will occur again in 2019, religious people and apocalypse theorists are hailing the black moon as a sign due to a solar eclipse that came earlier at the start of this month.

The Ring of Fire celestial phenomenon in which the moon falls in line with the Earth and the sun above Africa, making it appear as if the sun had darkened. To the naked eye, it seems like a ring of light with dark in the middle.

That followed by the black moon in the same month has got many quoting the holy versus from holy books, according to Express. They believe that these events occurring so close in time is a sign of the coming events of end of time when Jesus will return to the world and the end of the world will start again.

The people of the Wiccan religion also attach the dark forces to the occurrence of black moon and many Wiccan practicing citizens around the world may be engaging in their ritualistic prayers as the black moon occurs in the sky.

After the black moon, the Oct 2 will hail the Jewish New Year and the Islamic New Year will closely follow on Oct 3 so they will be preparing for that.

The black moon has only become popular in recent history. It has been signified by astronomers and astrologers and it’s name was given to it by them as well. For many, it is just another celestial event in nature while for others, it holds sacred meanings.

Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus is Incredible for Web and Social Media

I have no talent for making good photos. I took once a DSLR class, but that did not help. I just snap and hope for the best. This is why I use my iPhone only for making photos since the last 2 years. As reported earlier, my black iPhone 7 Plus arrived yesterday earlier than expected. It is actually perfect timing as Apple just released the public beta of iOS 10.1 with the new portrait mode feature.

I installed the iOS 10.1 beta right away after getting the iPhone 7 Plus configured. The highlight of this iOS beta is the portrait mode feature. With the easy to use camera mode you can snap photos with a blurred background, so called bokeh. So far the bokeh effect is a feature mostly available in DSLR cameras.

When you select Portrait mode the display shows a depth effect label. Only if yellow than the depth effect is at work. The object or person you want to focus on needs to be within 2.5m.

I first did a test on the Apple Watch on my desk. This test shoot immediately made clear that you need a lot of light for a good photo. As the blur is not optical, but algorithmic, you get washout effects on the edges of the object your focusing on. I headed outside as the sun was peaking through the clouds. The results have been dramatically better in sunlight. Sharp lines made the object in focus pop out like the lion and mermaid you see in the photo gallery.

The iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode is an incredible way to snap photos with the cool bokeh effect for web publishing and social media. For great hi-res photos, everything would need to be perfect. Professional photographers will definitely want to stick to DSLR cameras. If you only need low-res photos for web publishing or social media and you are like me not into using DSLR, the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode is incredible.

The feature is still in beta. We do not know if Apple’s engineers have still room for improvement and make the low light performance better. A great feature to have would be the ability to zoom in portrait mode.

An annoying limitation is that you cannot zoom in portrait mode for some reason.

The iPhone 7 Plus is in high demand and ships with a 2 to 3 week delay. The Jet Black model is delayed until November. Apple released the new iPhone 7 on Friday, September 16, 2017. Apple is likely selling more iPhone 7 than expected by industry insiders and analysts. The iPhone 7 is what the iPhone 6 should have been. The iPhone 7 looks like a real Apple product. The iPhone 6 with its ugly antenna lines and steampunk camera lens did never feel right. The black iPhone 7 Plus has solved both issues. The camera lens is still protruding, but the way Apple solved the necessity of this it is acceptable.

The iPhone 7S must be really out of this world to make me upgrade from the iPhone 7 Plus. It was a very easy decision to get rid of my iPhone 6S. No regrets besides a whole in my bank account.